Tuesday, January 29, 2013

People in my life ...

I love Facebook for staying in touch with friends
but I also love it for reconnecting with friends
and it's through Facebook that I re-connected with Winnie.
A very long time ago our daughters cheered together
for little league football
so we spent many, many nights out on the football field
for cheering practice.
Lots of early Saturday mornings sipping on hot coffee
waiting for their game to start. And going to local restaurants
after big wins for lunch or dinner.
So here's something that Winnie doesn't even know.
When I first met her out on the football field, I thought she was the
classiest person I had ever met. I always admired how she was dressed,
always very stylish. And how she carried herself....such poise, such
class. I always felt so honored when we sat together
and chatted.
Our girls went their separate ways and Winnie and I lost touch.
Whenever I was looking through old pics of the girls cheering, I
would often wonder what Winnie was up to.
Then came Facebook and we re-connected.
and she's living the life.....in Chicago!!
It's so great to be back in each others lives in just that little way!
Winnie brings back great memories for me
and she is so inspirational on FB....always positive and always
has a kind word to say!! She brings so much inspiration to my life.

Winnie is all about her family ..... her precious daughter
and cute, cute husband!! Loves to travel and enjoy the good things in life
love you Winnie!!

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