Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wedding ... signs

Jacquelyn and Bucky's wedding was on the beach at Kitty Hawk, NC
you had to walk out on the pier to get to the steps that took you down
to the beach area.

we had been seeing wooden signs that are popular right now directing your guest
to the reception, ceremony or just happy thoughts

so we searched and good grief.....found them for prices starting at $95!
as I have said before...pick and choose where you spend your money
and a wooden sign was not one of them

So Johnny and I went to Lowes and bought a fence picket and a nice piece of wood

Johnny cut the signs and smoothed out the edges
then we spray painted them....one purple, one white and one blue
we spray painted the fence picket black

then Jake and I both took turns trying to hand paint the wording
no go.....it just wasn't looking right
a friend of ours makes vinyl lettering so we hired her to make our wording
then glued on a few starfish, tied some ribbon and for less than
$30 we had a beautiful sign for Jacquelyn and Bucky!
we stuck it in the sand at the beginning of the pier

My wedding tip for today ... don't underestimate what you can make for the wedding that adds personality and sweet details. If you're not crafty, ask a friend because believe me, everyone loves helping with weddings!


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jerry lane said...

very nice I like them and may steal the idea for another use
take care