Saturday, October 17, 2015


a dear friend of our family, Kayla, put some pictures
up on Instagram of an end table that she whitewashed
I loved the look.....I think one reason is that it just reminds
me of something "beachy" 

I've had this unfinished piece of furniture in my kitchen
for so long......just really, a long time, unfinished.....haha
but I never knew what color I wanted to paint it so
just seemed easy to leave it unfinished!! 

but now I was anxious to whitewash it
some emailing with Kayla, a trip to Lowes and I was ready

here's the piece before I started......unfinished!
I had taken when door off when I remembered to take
my "before" picture

I put my undercoat color on first....weathered gray
and oh gosh, it really scared me that I had messed up
I text Kayla a picture and then end up calling her
she re-assured me that it will turn out right....
so let this coat dry and then sand it again

a couple of coats of the whitewash and it's starting to get the look I wanted

and below is the finished product but now that I have
the picture up, it looks a bit dark
it's actually more like the picture above
I'll try to get a better picture another day
I love how it turned out and a big 
THANK YOU to Kayla!
I bought the new knobs at Hobby Lobby


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