Saturday, October 31, 2015

Our grandchildren ....

We always hoped of having grandchildren 
and with 3 children we figured we had a pretty good shot at it
Had no idea we would have so many!!
and words can't even describe how much we are loving it

Here's Maddox
10 years old
the happiest little guy I have ever met
Always wanting to help, loves his brothers
no matter what his struggles are, he just keeps going
has overcome so much in his life

8 years old
A very nice and well mannered young man
loves baseball, VCU basketball
talks a lot and loves to share stories with you
very thoughtful
loves his brothers
(and just lost his first tooth)

Declan Liam
2 years old
talks like he is about 4 years old
funny, a little prankster and very sweet
smart guy and amazes us with the things 
he already knows
loves his baby sister 

John Thomas
21 months old
biggest eyes, longest eyelashes I have ever seen
Such a happy little guy
except that he is cutting teeth so not happy about that
adores his 2 older brothers

Avery Grace
5 months old
she is the princess of the group
our first girl
She is constant motion
so sweet and a little bit prissy
and loves her brother Declan 

and now we have another little girl to add to the group
she will be here around the end of November
very excited for our family
and we still have Jake.....who has not married or had 
children yet so could get a few more :)

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