Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's October!!!

I have been horrible about blogging
I just looked and I did one post in August
and one post in September! wow, this is supposed to be my
family journal and I'm not staying on top of it at all
And I faced the fact that the number one reason is....
FACEBOOK!! Haha.....I just spend so much time on it
that I have ignored my blog.
So here's what I did .....

yep, I deactivated my account!!
I spent too much time on it, the politics were driving me crazy,
the lost dogs and sad puppy pictures were so depressing
and just so many other things so I decided to go back to blogging
And it's been wonderful

I'm crocheting a blanket for the new baby instead
of wondering who was doing what or going where.....haha

Am I the only person that sometimes does crazy things
I got to work and look what was in my pocketbook.....
our house phone!!! 

And now that I have given up the life sucker that is called Facebook,
I'm reading, crocheting, working on covering a chair....just
doing things instead of staring at a screen!
I did stay on Instagram so if you want to follow me, you
can find me as nddelaney
so more post to come

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