Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween ...

Last weekend we carved our pumpkins
Declan wasn't very interested in cleaning out the pumpkins
the day before at his house he had painted a bunch
of pumpkins so I think he enjoyed that more
maybe next year....
So Bucky did their pumpkin
and I did the one for our front porch

And of course Avery Grace just watched us as she
was eating her bananas. I think it was either the second
or third time trying them.

look at that little cutie!

and now that I have put these pictures up I notice I
probably should have cropped out the back side of Pippa Lou...haha

Mine is the happy one, Bucky's is the scary one

we also roasted the pumpkin seeds
the ones in the green jar are roasted with olive oil and sea salt
the smaller jar is with cinnamon and brown sugar

We have a bakery on site at work
it's awesome and dangerous
I brought home some goodies for the grandkids


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