Friday, October 30, 2015

Magic Eraser ....

I saw somewhere on the internet a list
of all of the uses of Magic Erasers
one of them was cleaning silver
I normally use Tarn-X, which stinks so bad
smells like rotten eggs to me
So I thought I would give it a try on the base
of this cake plate
It was my Momma's and I just love it
It's so elegant, so beautiful
and the magic eraser worked great....took some
elbow grease but it worked!

as you can see below, this piece
was in pretty bad shape
I didn't even know my Momma had this and we discovered
it when cleaning out some of her things.
So you can just imagine how long it's been since it was cleaned
It was wrapped in plastic so that might have saved it from
getting "pitted" tarnished

you can see good here that the right side is already looking good


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