Wednesday, January 14, 2015

More Christmas ......

more pictures from our family Christmas....

my brother-in-law Xel wearing a woman's sweater
which kept us laughing all evening

3 of my grandsons....Maddox, Gabe and baby John!

the next 3 pictures you see my brother running up on Alison
I thought he was coming in for the photo bomb but check
out the last pictures, I'm not really sure what the heck he was doing!

maybe that is his photo bomb!

Alexander trying to hide behind the bannister
I guess he was planning a photo bomb too

cute Abby.....check out her Christmas headband
of Christmas bows!

 As I mentioned in another post, Momma had done most of her Christmas shopping. So one Saturday afternoon my sister Vickie and I along with our Daddy went through the presents and tried to determine who Momma had in mind for each gift. Then my sister wrapped them all....what a big job!
here's she is with Abby making sure they have everything ready to be given out to everyone....

with Nicole and baby John

3 of my beautiful nieces...
 with my sister photo bombing....
apparently we are a family that loves to do that!

more pictures tomorrow


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