Saturday, January 17, 2015

Christmas surprises ...

I had the best Christmas surprise this year
during the day Christmas eve my oldest friend
 (friend I've had the longest) 
and her daughter that I've known most of her life
surprised us with a visit
Glenda and Jerry live in Myrtle Beach
Tina and David live in North Carolina
and we chat pretty regular on FB
so I knew they were coming to Richmond but I also knew that
they had lots of family to visit in a very short time
Imagine my surprise when we saw them walking up our sidewalk
I was sooooooo surprised
it brought tears to my eyes
and they couldn't stay but just a few minutes
what I wouldn't have given for them to just stay and hang out
and have Christmas eve dinner with all of us
I told Glenda if we were to sit down at that dining room table
it would be 2:00 in then morning and we would still be
talking away! We'll have that chance this summer as Johnny and I
are planning a trip down to see them
and Tina and David will also be coming

So I saw this hat/scarf thing on something, maybe FB and I asked Tina if
she would come and teach me how to make one
she is great at crocheting
well wouldn't you know it, she made one for me!! 
haha....I love it
how funny and how cute!

 oh and it's warm too!!

and woo wee....I have the best Santa!
Not only did he bring me the juicer I wanted

he also brought me a Mac Pro!!

he was so tired of hearing me fuss over Windows 8 on 
my laptop so it was a gift for him too! haha


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