Friday, January 2, 2015

Around the house .....

I never went all around the house taking pictures 
of my Christmas decorations. And I'm writing this post on
Monday after Christmas and I started taking all of my 
decorations down today
so just didn't get the pictures I wished I had taken
but here's a few random pics....

below is the little blue tree I gave to Jake last year for his
first apartment. He moved out of that apartment and didn't
put it up this year so I put it in my guest room

Below is my kitchen Christmas tree

and my white tree that is in the family room

the back of my chair is Bella Boo and Pippa Lou's favorite spot to lay

I put my plants down in the sink at the end of the island to
water them....just makes it easier for the water to drain

and it just looked kind of funny to see the poinsettia sitting in the sink!

just can't stop staring at the pink balloons that were released
on Christmas eve to reveal that the new grand baby coming
in May is a GIRL.....that's right, my princess will
be arriving in May!!!!


1 comment:

Mallory said...

I love all of your trees!! They are so pretty!! I will be taking pictures of all our decorations today before things start coming down. :(

Can't wait to have another girl in the family soon!!!