Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas part II ......

We celebrated Christmas with my family on the
Sunday after Christmas

Our niece Aimee and her husband Alex were again gracious
enough to host again this year
which is so nice....their house is so big it never feels crowded
and like Johnny says, their house is just fun

this year a couple of them decided to have a tacky sweater
contest. The winner was to get $50 in lottery
scratch off tickets. 
I failed to get a sweater.....and so did everyone else in 
my immediate family. But I think I'll definitely have
one for next year!

We all brought appetizers, had drinks
gave presents to all of the little ones

Momma had already been Christmas shopping through out
the year and we were able to figure out who got what
with most of her gifts for everyone. So even though 
we were really missing Momma something terrible, we still
had lots of laughs over "Memaw" gifts.

So Papa was pretty happy about having gifts for everyone
from him and Momma.

Then we did our crazy gift exchange
you spend $25 on a gift
and we have so much fun doing this....a lot of laughing, a lot
of stealing gifts and then when it's all over with, some little
trading on the side gifts...haha!! I got some beers and Jake
got some coffee and mugs so we traded! 

and here's just a bunch of pictures
and some pretty funny Christmas outfits

I think Alison is explaining below how she put her 
Christmas outfit together!

Mallory did a great job making her's too!

Notice Alex's sweater is zombie's.....he is a huge fan
of the Walking Dead...haha

My sister Kandi and her family got a new puppy for Christmas
Her name is Roxy and she is precious
made me want another puppy....until Kandi told
me how many times they had to get up in the middle
of the night! haha....I forgot they are just like having a baby
but isn't she just precious!

Declan is used to little dogs.....and every time he is over at Aimee's, every time he sees their big dog Ella all he can ever say is "big"
Each time Ella walks by....haha, Declan says "big"

Niece Abby did a great job too!!

here's Victoria....the shirt she made was
"the day after Christmas"
she had balled up Christmas wrapping all over her shirt
very creative

and her brother Alexander made his
as crazy cat person

Declan's sweater was just cute

Alison's outfit reminded me of the clothes from
How the Grinch Stole Christmas.....haha
and she was the winner!!!

more pictures tomorrow


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