Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas day 2014 ....

here's some pictures from Christmas morning
it was wonderful seeing one of our grandsons experience 
Christmas morning
seeing the joy and excitement in a child is just one
of the best things....

Declan needed his morning milk before opening presents
he was in no rush at all Christmas morning
which really made it so much fun
there you can see the pink balloons for our little princess
that we will meet in May

One of Declan's favorite things is dump trucks....he loves them!

the below picture is Declan watching Jake 
trying out his new sleeping bag 

Jake's new sleeping bag.....keeps you warm in down 
to zero degrees. I would not even want to be out
camping in those temps!!

and then the trick of trying to get it back in the bag!

and he did it!

after opening most of his gifts they took
him in to the living room where his train table was
all he ever said he wanted for Christmas was a 
big choo choo....he was very, very happy!!

 the pictures below were Christmas night
Jacquelyn, Bucky and Declan came back in the afternoon and spent a 
few more nights with us. We sure did have a lot of fun


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