Monday, February 3, 2014

More Christmas 2013 ...

The Saturday after Christmas my family, all 26 of us, gathered
at my niece and her husband's house

Aimee and Alex are the ones I mentioned before that built such
a beautiful new home last year. It's always fun when we get
together but this past Thanksgiving and Christmas, being in their
spacious home has been wonderful. As Johnny says....their new
home is just fun!! And beautiful.....

here are some pictures from that

Jacquelyn and Aimee

Victoria and Gaby

Declan got a Dallas piggy bank along with some change to add to it

I think Mallory's scarf goes great with Matt's sweater......haha!!


these next few pictures are not good.....they are too blurry
but I love them so had to post
my mom and I.........

with my little sister Kandi and my brother photo bombing.....

us 3 sisters with Mom......and another photo bomb by our brother!

in the crazy gift exchange was a set of hands that you hang on the wall
I guess like decorative hooks.....and they fast became the brunt of jokes
for the rest of the evening. So much fun!!

Alex had the final pick of the gifts for the night and asked everyone to display
their gift. Since my brother was liking his gift, he decided to just display the
hello kitty gift bag in hopes that Alex wouldn't steal his real gift.....ha!!

as always, it was a fun evening with our family

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