Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Christmas 2013 ...

Did I blog about it is almost the end
of January and I realize I didn't say much about Christmas

Christmas was as fun as it always is except that a few of us
were sick. We had that nagging cold, sore throat thing that was
going around. You would feel sort of ok during the day but then
at night and first thing in the morning just feel awful.
Then poor Johnny came down with the stomach thing going around
and he ended up missing 2 family events.

Jake, Jacquelyn, Bucky and Declan spent the night with us.
so being a part of Declan's first Christmas was so exciting
for Johnny and I. And really, we didn't think he would be much interested
in his gifts, more the paper and boxes since he was 9 months old
but no...he loved opening presents. He would tear a little piece of paper off
and promptly hand to his daddy, then tear off the next piece. He did this
with every gift he opened! much fun.

Then pretty early in the morning Tyler, Nicole and Maddox came over
for breakfast, gifts and hanging out. We were sad not to have Gabe with us
this year but knew we would have another Christmas morning
with him once he returned.

so here's a bunch of pictures.....

We had a wonderful dinner on Christmas eve with family over
and I did not take one single picture :(
but the few below are Declan before going
to bed on Christmas eve.

Jake getting some love from Bella Boo......

here's Declan crawling into the den on Christmas morning.....

pulling things out of his stocking

our sweet and beautiful daughter Jacquelyn

Ziggy taking a ride on Maddox's seat scooter

we were sad that Gabe wasn't with us but look how
happy this sweet little family is......

Declan loved his new car

Maddox enjoying Christmas morning breakfast

dressed for Christmas day....


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