Sunday, January 12, 2014

My year in review .... 2013

So I've def been very, very bad about blogging
and I need to do better this year
memory just isn't what it used to be so I need to document this stuff....haha!!
so here you go, our year.....


We experienced the "empty nest" as Jake moved to Charlottesville in December
I'm not going to lie, all kids being gone is fine...that is the way it's supposed to be. But do I miss them, of course! My girls come over quite often so Jake only coming around every other weekend or so was a little sad.
We also started our den makeover and I started the
series on my blog of "people in my life"
that failed terribly.....I only blogged about 7 people...ha! There
also was a baby shower at our home for Jacquelyn and Bucky.


We helped our daughter Jacquelyn and son-in-law Bucky get the nursery
together for their new son on the way
and we pretty much put life on hold so we wouldn't be out of town or doing anything big as we waited and waited.....for the baby to arrive


Baby Declan Liam arrived on March 8th
and what joy our family had!! Another addition to our family and we just love him so much!!
The 2 year mark of Johnny's stroke passed...with no fan fair at all, which is the way it should be.
I turned 57 years old....oh my word, how did that happen
and after having a winter with no snow, we finally
had 4 inches of snow on March 24th...yay!!



We were still working on the den makeover...
and all of my family came over for Easter, such fun
our daughter Jacquelyn turned 26



I finally got around to ordering the red bar stools
for our new kitchen
Johnny and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary
our son Jake turned 25 years old and
my daddy turned 80 years old


June was a crazy busy month for our family......
We had a surprise 80th birthday party for Daddy
Our niece Mallory got married
Our niece Alison graduated from high school
We finally finished the den makeover
My hubby Johnny turned 60 years old and his sister
from Atlanta and sister from San Antonio came to
town to help celebrate with a party
and then we all went down to the Chesapeake Bay to continue
the birthday fun
We also received the good news that another grandchild would
come in January to Nicole and Tyler!




I started the Whole30, my introduction to clean eating
and I've never felt better!!
I canned a bushel of tomatoes......and should have canned a lot more
We went back to the Chesapeake Bay for the long July 4th
holiday weekend



Our daughter Nicole turned 31 years old
We went to my mom's 77th family reunion
We went back to the Chesapeake Bay for the long
Labor Day weekend
I went up to Charlottesville and spent a wonderful day with Jake



We took all of our kids, grandkids and my parents to the beach
for a week. My daughter's mother-in-law Lynne and her
husband Tom came too.....what fun!
this was also my first week of not eating clean and I could def tell a difference in how I felt..... so then
I became even more obsessed with clean eating!



Looks like I didn't really blog much of anything so therefore
I don't really remember much of what we did :)
One thing I do remember, Johnny and I became
very hooked on TV series The Walking Dead
and Declan had his first Halloween



We had Thanksgiving at our house for 11...such fun
Then Saturday after Thanksgiving, we had dinner at
my niece's house with all of my family, all 26 of us!
and Declan had his first Thanksgiving....


Our son Jake moved back to Richmond!!
He still works in Charlottesville but just commutes now
We had a wonderful Christmas despite a few of us having
colds and sore throats. And Johnny had a stomach virus
for a few days after Christmas
We celebrated New Years eve with friends down on
the York River......a lot of fun.


It's been a wonderful year in the Delaney household
and now we begin 2014 looking forward to the newest
edition to our family, baby John Thomas. Johnny and I feel
so blessed with our sweet family and our wonderful friends
peace love and happiness to all of you in the coming year


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