Friday, February 14, 2014

Big news .....

a little late posting this but...........
John Thomas was born on Jan 23rd
7 lbs. 7 oz 22 inches long
he's going to be tall
It was a very rough start to his little life
about 20 min after our daughters water broke, the placenta started
detaching from her uterus
which then caused her and the baby both to start losing blood
it was very scary for our family.......our daughter was rushed to
the OR for an emergency C-section.
our little grandson stopped breathing and his heart stopped
our daughter lost a lot of blood
and then from a previous surgery, she had a lot of scar tissue so
they called in another surgeon to take care of that
she was in surgery just over 2 hours and boy were we nervous!
the good news is the baby and our daughter are both fine
and we are again, in love with another grandson
his little cheeks have a terrible rash on them left from the tape
that held the breathing tube in place. But it's getting much better
and almost gone now


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