Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Baby Sprinkle ....

Jacquelyn hosted a baby sprinkle for Nicole at our house
on Jan 5th. A sprinkle is for a 2nd baby.....a smaller version of
a baby shower. This was the first party Jacquelyn had ever planned and
wow, she did a great job. She had wonderful ideas and everything
came together perfect. It was small and intimate which is exactly
what Nicole wanted.

here's some pictures......

so ready to have this baby!!


Jacquelyn had gourmet cupcakes for the sprinkle.....yum!!

the theme for the shower was "snow" since it was cold cold cold!!
these little paper decorations reminded us of snow flakes so she
hung them around in just a few spots

the table looked so pretty. She used snowflakes from my Christmas tree
on the table

guess the candies in the baby bottle and paper to write
sweet messages for Nicole and baby John

Jacquelyn did a great job on her first party!! Now she is planning
Declan's first birthday party!

little candies for each guest to take home

it was fun and wonderful being with our family and friends

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