Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Christmas rant ....

This is my Christmas rant
and I'll never rant about it again
sometimes I just get frustrated over a couple of things about Christmas
first off, it is Jesus' birthday
that is what Christians are celebrating
if it wasn't for that, there would be no Christmas
we would all work on Dec 25th
and please, I realize that the 25th is not the "actual" date
but that is what we are celebrating
so technically, if you are not a Christian, you shouldn't celebrate
Jesus' birthday
I am a Christian
I believe in Jesus Christ
I believe in heaven
I know that one day, when my old body gives out
I will join Jesus in heaven
I try to live as a Christian and I'm sure most of the time I fail
but I still try
and I know Jesus still loves me
and every single morning when I wake up, I thank him for another day
and every evening when I go to bed, I say thank you again
and during Christmas, I celebrate his birth
and I shower my family in gifts out of love
I get very aggravated at the small minority that is offended by
someone saying Merry Christmas.....excuse me, that is what it is!
I'm not going to say Happy Holidays because it's Christmas, so that's what I say. I'm not offended by other religions celebrations so don't be offended
by mine!
second......I get tired of people complaining about the "commercialism"
of Christmas. You know, it's as commercial as you choose to make it!
There's absolutely nothing wrong with decorations going up early
they are beautiful
they make people smile
for some reason people are nicer, happier during the Christmas holiday
so if we can stretch that happiness into 2 months, 2 1/2 months
then I think that is great....quit complaining
third....just quit complaining about everything!!
life is short, enjoy your very limited time here
if you've ever lost anyone close to you at a young age, you should
understand this. Cherish every moment that you
are alive.
look on the bright side of things
be happy....and remember, no one is responsible
for your happiness but you!
I not only cherish every day I have but I especially cherish
Christmas time. It is a celebration of the birth of our Lord
how can it not be wonderful
soak in that love......it's all around you
ok, I'm done

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andrea higgins said...

I found your blog from your comment on Kelly Moss Steele's blog. I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed reading your "My Christmas rant".