Monday, December 23, 2013

Welcome home ....

A year ago our son moved with his job to Charlottesville
only an hour away but still, an hour away

but we were happy for him to finally at 24 leave the nest
and experience living on his own, having his own place
paying his own bills.....haha!

Even though he came home a lot on weekends, he still missed
family dinner on Sundays because he always left early to
get back to his own place, cook, laundry, prepare for the week

After being away for one year, he was ready to come back to
his hometown. This should not have surprised me because as a child,
he could never be far from home. He really wanted to spend the
night at friends house, like all of the other kids, but he just couldn't
do it. He would try, and then end up calling us 10, 11 at night
and asking if we would come pick him up......which we always did.
I remember whenever I would take him to a friends house, if he felt like
the car ride was too far, he would tell me "let's just go home"

So now he is back and even though he's facing a one hour commute
every day to work, I think he's really happy about being in his
own hometown!

I know we are!


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