Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Decorating for Christmas ....

I decorate very early for Christmas
I like to enjoy our decorations because once Christmas is over with, I like
to pack it all away
So I decorate the first of November
This year, I decided to scale back some on the decorations
I didn't even bring half of my storage bins down from the attic
so here we go.......
first, here are the tons of presents I had to carry downstairs after wrapping! The ribbon is leftover from Jacquelyn's wedding so recycling at its best!

the small table in the dining room

Instead of putting one of the bigger trees in the living room, I put it in the kitchen. I figured I spend so much time in there, it would be nice to have a pretty tree to look at

the windows below are over the kitchen sink

Below is my Bose radio that Johnny gave me a few years ago for Christmas. I love it. And on top is my basket full of Christmas CD's that I listen to all of the time! 

this is the table in the foyer

Since I put one of the bigger trees in the kitchen, I put the little one in the living room

My snow tree is my favorite!

This cute snowman is in the guest bathroom upstairs

My night stand

I love putting the greenery on the's fake but still pretty

My Santa sleeps here......

here's Santa standing guard over my wine

My chalkboard for December

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