Monday, November 18, 2013

Christmas lights ....

I used to only put candles in the window and
a wreath on the front and back door
that was all I ever did on the outside even though
Johnny would want to cover the house in lights
Anything else was a bit tacky to me
Then slowly, I let Johnny put some lights in a tree or two
Then one day things changed ... our children gave us grandchildren!
And the "Clarke Griswold" that has been in Johnny begging
to come out was finally unleashed!!
He has icicles hanging from the shed and the garage
he has lined the deck in multi-colored icicles that the colors
change through a constant cycle
The fence is lined with white LED lights
all of the bushes in the front have blue and white lights, LED
there are 2 little trees on each side of the front door with
white lights and then 3 little live spruces with mini lights
and then, to top it all off, a spot light shining on the front door
that is draped in greenery!
I tried to take some pictures tonight, they didn't come out very
good. I'll try another night but here ya go........

And I know it's early to put everything up but that's what we like
It takes us a little more than a week to do the inside and outside
I used to wait until Thanksgiving weekend and then ended up
spending the entire holiday weekend working on the decorations.
When I would have rather been spending time with
family and shopping.
and here's my other me, November and December is
the holidays. And it's my favorite time of the year so I want to enjoy it as long as possible. Because once Christmas is over, I'm ready to clean up
and be ready to start the New Year in a clean house!! haha......
and the look on my grandchildren's face is totally worth
all of the work......they love it.

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