Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Charlottesville ....

Last Sunday we rode up to Charlottesville to spend the
day with our son Jake
it's only an hour away and just so beautiful
I just love as we're riding down the road and I get the first
glimpse of the mountains!

Jake loves when we come hang out with him

the look on Declan's face below is so funny....he's a little
puzzled over something, haha

I do love this one below of Declan looking up at Jake
before he played on Jake's's as if he's saying
"are you sure it's ok"

we were taking pictures and all of a sudden, Declan started
tinkling was so funny because we weren't sure
how it was running out of his diaper!

which then meant a diaper change in the
back seat of the car

We had lunch at Wild Wolfe Brewery and watched
a little football while there ... such fun!

I could ride around in the mountains of Virginia all day
so beautiful.......

I sure love visiting Jake up in Charlottesville


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