Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 4th ...

July 4th Johnny and I headed down to the Chesapeake Bay
to spend 5 wonderful days with family and friends
My brother-in-law Tommy and sister-in-law Joanne own a gorgeous home on the bay complete with the most awesome swimming pool....dock and boats. So it's a great place to spend
just relaxing! later that weekend some wonderful friends
came down too!

Joanne and I both became fascinated by the Richmond eagles that I posted about before and now we started watching some osprey in Canada. Well right out by their dock is an osprey nest and Joanne felt sure there were babies but we couldn't tell. I used my zoom lens (not a good one) and zoomed in as much as I could and then enlarged even more on the computer. And look a there, a little baby head sticking up.

So we decided to take a boat ride out in the bay along all of the creeks to see other osprey nest. And wow, there are just lots and lots and they all had babies.....all different sizes. One nest we were able to get pretty close to so when we rode back by it, I had my camera ready. And look at this.....momma sure wasn't happy we were getting close to her babies!

in the picture below you can see she's starting to get her wings up and
then she came toward us......but not close. She was just protecting
her babies.......so we left! haha.......

They really are so interesting to watch!


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