Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Canning ...

It's that time of the year......time to can some
yummy tomatoes.
I love having my pantry full of tomatoes for the upcoming
winter. Taste so yummy in soups and chili

And now with Johnny on a low sodium diet, it's so much
healthier than the canned tomatoes in the store

So we bought a bushel and mom came over to help me
I know it's a lot of work and it takes most of the day
but I just love canning.

I sterlize my jars in the dishwasher....so much easier
than dipping them in boiling water!!

Toss the tomatoes in hot water until the skin starts to split
then plunges in ice cold water....this makes it so easy to peel
then quarter them to cook

I use the hot jar method......after the tomatoes cook
I have my jars sitting in hot water on the burner
and I ladle the tomatoes into the jars

Next Mom would add the 1 tsp salt, wipe the rims
and put the lids on

Out of the bushel, we ended up with 22 1/2 quarts and
out of those, only 1 jar did not seal
So that was pretty good

Saturday we will can one more bushel so that should
be plenty of us and Mom and Dad for the winter!!


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