Monday, July 2, 2012

15 Minutes of fame ...

My 15 minutes of fame occurred in 1977

I was working at the Richmond airport at Hertz rental cars
It was one of my favorite jobs because the airport
just has the best people watching ever! You saw so many interesting
people....celebrities, crazy people...all kinds.

They were filming a movie in Richmond ... "Rollercoaster"
It was about a young terrorist who was blackmailing companies
for ransom....and blowing up roller coasters. It starred George Segal, Timothy Bottoms, Susan Strasburg and Henry Fonda.

The terrorist would be renting a car from us. So Hertz agreed we could be in
the movie but they wouldn't allow the production company to change our know Hertz wanted to keep their "brand".
Then they came in and gave us a lot of direction on what we were
supposed to do. I wasn't the one renting the car to Timothy Bottoms (the terrorist)  but I was to just keep busy doing work along side the girl who was.

So the day of filming comes......we get to meet Timothy Bottoms, who was super
nice and cute! They start filming over and over and over.....good grief.
and then that was that...all done.

When the movie came out, we were all excited to see ourselves on
the big screen. My 15 minutes of back was to the camera!!!
haha.....should call it my 15 seconds of fame!!


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