Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jobs ....

I have had 4 jobs over my lifetime...

My very first job was working at First & Merchants Bank
I was fresh out of high school and made $100 per week....and felt
like I was rich! We lived in the suburbs so going into the city each
day, all dressed up felt exciting to me. But I soon learned it wasn't a very
glamarous job at all. I came to hate it! So I quit after only 6 months
But I had enough money saved up to cover me so all was good

Then I landed my job at the airport working for Hertz. I started
out working the counter renting cars then moved down to the office
working car control. I tracked all of our cars, their mileage and maintenance.
And I loved this job. When we had too many of our cars land in other
cities, we would work on the weekends picking them all. A bunch of us
would pile into cars, you know back then cars were big!
and then we would pick up the cars and bring them back to Richmond
It was not unusual to make a couple of trips to DC in one day.
Then the next day a couple of trips to Charlottesville.
we always had fun and we made really good money doing it!

After working there for 4 1/2 years I left to go work for
Va Tool and Equipment. Another office job but in the purchasing department. I worked with some of the best people ever. One person I have remained
friends with for 34 years! When I left there it was to have our first child.
then I started the hardest job ever....stay at home mom!!
But I loved it and did it for 14 years.

Now I work at Capital One as an administrative assistant (fancy for secretary)
I work in the Marketing and Analysis department and love it
and again work with some of the nicest people on earth!!

So there....that's my working career!
how many jobs have you had?


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