Monday, July 9, 2012

Goals ...

I like to write my goals down.....always have
I've done this since I was in my early 20's...before I got married

I keep a little list with a few short term goals and then
a few long term goals

I keep it tucked in my wallet and I pull it out at least once per day
to have to do this. It keeps it fresh, it keeps it in your face
and it keeps you focused.

and here's the great part, I hit those goals and then as I scratch
off the last one, I get to write a new list! That is such a great feeling. Some
goals have to carry over to the new list....the long term ones.
Believe me my new kitchen has been carried over for 10 years now!
I truly believe that the reason I reach these goals is because of
that little piece of paper that I read every day. And here's why, if you read
your goals every day then you will make decisions all day long
that are really based on those goals. You will make the right decisions to
lead you where you need to be. Of course sometimes for the fun of it I
like to put down something win the HGTV dream home
haha......but hey, you can dream with those goals too!!

I've always tried to convince my kids to do this but none of them would. Then one day Jake tried it and it worked....he found himself making those things happen.
But then he quit doing it.....
I really wish they would all try it for one year and see....
So do you make goals....and if so, do you track them in some way?


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