Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bunny update ...

We have been good about going outside with the dogs
so that they wouldn't mess with the baby bunnies

then tonight I went to my exercise class
and folks at home forgot to watch the dogs.
Bella Boo was caught digging at the bunny nest and
Pippa Lou got ahold of one!!
they got it from her and put it back in the nest.
and covered it up good.

A little later in the evening Pippa was barking like
crazy at the back door.
I went over to look out and .... uh oh, there was the mommy
bunny. And she looked mad....seriously, if a bunny can look
mad, she did. And she was just staring at our door.
I got a couple of pics, felt bad so I threw a few
carrots out and she ran off.
I sure hope she will take care of the babies tonight


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