Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bunny update and a red door ...

The update on the bunnies is....they are gone.
I think the mommy moved them because I don't believe they were
at the age to leave the nest yet. And I read that if she thinks they are
in any danger, she will move them. Well, after the stare down she gave me
and Pippa Lou's antics, I'm sure she feared for them!

So I'm sure they are ok and probably living under the Pompas Grass
in the front yard.....which is where we would always see her.

Now, the red door .... I've always loved a red front door
on a white house with black trim. And I had the door painted a red
but it was more a barn red....very dark. I really wanted a bright
red color but it's the kind of job you just kind of put off.

So last weekend the weather was perfect for that kind of project.
I put a baby gate up in the doorway so the dogs couldn't escape
and I hung a heavy painters cloth in the doorway to keep
flys, birds, critters out of the house. I knew I would have
to put on a couple of coats and I wanted it to be really dry
before we shut the door. And it did......took 3 coats.
But it sure looks good......what do you think??

later ......

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