Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby Bunnies ...

This morning when Johnny went to let the dogs in,
he saw Pippa Lou scratching around the bird house post
and she would not leave......would not listen but then
again, what else is new!

So Johnny goes down there and this is what he found.
and dang, I thought I had turned the
just turn your head!

 she had uncovered a nest of 5 baby bunnies!! And oh my, you
can't even believe how sweet and cute these babies are!!!

what she had scratched away was old grass that had fur all in it. You
can see the fur laying around.
that is what the mother uses to keep them warm
So we looked up baby bunnies on the internet and is says that
the mother stays gone all day and only returns in the middle of the night
to feed them. If you hear the babies crying, it usually means the mother
has not returned to feed them....that more than likely, something
has happened to her. Oh goodness, you know it will break my
heart if I hear baby bunnies crying!! We covered them back up to keep
them warm. And we will go outside with the dogs to make sure they
do not harm them.


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