Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rehearsal ....

I know, you're probably tired of hearing about the wedding
it was a huge event in our life! So I must make sure I document every bit
of it. So if you're tired of hearing it, you may want to check back in

We arrived at the Hilton at the beach on Thursday before the wedding

and as soon as we walked in we were greeted with
our kids names up on the board!

we had a low key day on Thursday.......took care of some wedding errands
then on Friday, the girls all went to the spa for nails and pedicures

then rehearsal was around 4:00......ha, I already can't remember!

then it was time to get ready for the dinner! We ate at a fabulous place and had a wonderful dinner hosted by the grooms parents.
and normally, I do a pretty good job of taking pictures but
at the rehearsal dinner, all of my pictures were bad! I think just a case of nerves, excitement and a lot of emotions, I just couldn't take a decent picture! oh well, at least we have some!
we gave the ring bearers and the flower girl tshirts to wear
to rehearsal and the dinner.
I thought they were really cute. Jacquelyn and Bucky gave each
of them a tote bag with their names monagrammed on them
and filled them with books, beach toys and flip flops!

seriously folks, I can't even believe I took pictures this bad.......ackkkk!!!

and here's my baby girl the next morning sleeping away
on her wedding day! She slept on a rollaway bed in our room.
Our last night with our girl.......


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Mallory said...

don't stop blogging about the wedding! I LOVE reading them and looking at the pictures!!