Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 2

Just as with planning a wedding, planning a large re-model
could go a little easier if you had some good advice

We have not received any advice on the remodel so we're learning
as we go!
But I'm going to share with you what we are learning.

So our initial idea was to go to Home Depot and do the kitchen design
and order the cabinets and new appliances

Then the company that re-finished our wood floors in the front rooms
would come in and rip out the laminate flooring and install
the new wood floors

we would find a contractor to tear out the wall
we knew of someone who knew a plumber

we knew of an electrician

and then we were faced with the thought of how do we
coordinate all of this......and how do we know what order to have
all of this done!
for instances, some plumbing needed to be done during
demolition and then more plumbing done later

and then when do we paint!! was really starting to feel overwhelming and we
haven't even started!!

Lucky for us that having a conversation with the contractor about
coordinating everything, he tells us it is easier on the homeowner
if you just let one contractor bring in all of the other components
of the re-model, they can do all of the coordination

BOO YAH!!!   win win for us!

Which means I do not have to coordinate anything!!
we hire him, he does everything
we are still in talks about what all he will be doing
we are still getting the design, cabinets and appliances from
The Home Depot as we are very, very happy with how all of that
is going. And we will probably get all of our lighting from there

We're getting close now.......I do worry that Thanksgiving could be in
jeorpordy but as long as it's finished before the Christmas holiday
then I'll be happy!

so our first tip .... Start with a good contractor who can take the
lead on the project. Include all you can with this person and then
if you want, go outside for other things like appliances, etc.

and just a couple of random pics from around the house because
whats a blog post without pictures!!


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Christine said...

Can't wait to see the finished product...I love what you are going to do...