Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New roof ...

Last Friday I had planned on working from home as
the guy was coming over to measure and take pictures of the
kitchen to give to the designer
to come up with our plan....plan A and plan B

Then on Thursday Johnny tells me that the roofers are coming to
start the new roof and put in new sky lights in our bathrooms

oh the noise....between all of the hammering and the dogs barking.....yikes, it was a lot of noise!
the dogs barked so dang much but around noon, it wore them out
and they went to sleep!
and it was hammering on the roof
so I look out the window and look a there
lunch time!!
and they brought their own microwave!!!!

they had put all of our patio and deck furniture out on the lawn
so they set up their microwave and ran it to the

They were unable to finish on Friday so they were coming back
on Saturday.
I had plans to go shopping with my friend Cheryl but we weren't
going too early so I was in no hurry to get up.
I just laid in bed watching some DVR'd shows
then I remembered the roofers.......crap!
I needed to take a shower and the skylights are over the showers
so I get up and make sure the roofers haven't shown up yet
Jump in the shower......and kept looking up at the skylight to make
sure I didn't have anyone peeking in on me!! haha

They finished up on Saturday, cleaned up all of their mess and done!

the new roof looks great!!


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