Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kitchen re-model ...

the time has finally come that Johnny and I are going to
re-model the kitchen!
It's something we have dreamed of for a long time but something
always got in the way
But now is the time

so since I'm always running short on blog post ideas, I'm going to
do a whole series on the re-model.
Now won't that be fun....hehe!

I had already posted some inspirational pictures in an earlier post
So now the planning has begun

We are waiting on 2 contractors to give us a price on tearing
out the wall between the kitchen and the dining room.
Since this is a load bearing wall, it's not something we can just take
the sledge hammer too ... though that sure would have been fun!!

And we are having a 4th meeting tonight with the kitchen
designer to finalize the cabinets and the island

I'm also working on the details of figuring out the sink, faucets
and lighting.

We are really hoping to have everything figured out and lined up
to begin by the end of the month. It would be nice to have this complete
by Thanksgiving but I'm having my doubts.


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