Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 1

No more wedding post or doggie post.......time to move on!
I'm going to post all of our steps in remodeling our kitchen

Our first step was done many years ago
Johnny and I have always known what we wanted to do

we have a wall of pantries in our current kitchen
yes, I know.....3 pantries sounds wonderful but seriously, look at it
it's just boring.....

and then we have this really nice dining room, lots of light with
2 windows and we only use it on Thanksgiving and Christmas ... and
sometimes during parties.

So our plan is to take out the wall of pantries and open the kitchen
up to the dining room. Because this is a load bearing wall, it is
not as simple as taking a sledge hammer to it. So we are currently
waiting on 2 different contractors to quote us on this job.
We have to also still get quotes on new wood flooring, lighting,
plumbing and painting.

We are working with a wonderful kitchen designer at The Home Depot and she is currently in the process of designing the kitchen.
We've met with her 4 times now, showing pictures and giving
her our ideas. We're taking out the breakfast bar so that we
can open up the kitchen even more. Below is a drawing showing the
breakfast bar gone and the cabinets now extended
all the way down to the door. My kitchen sink used to sit at an
angle......half looking out the window and half at the breakfast area.
Now it is moving over some and will be centered under
the 3 windows.

below is the kitchen hutch we have designed to hold all
of my seasonal dishes and china. I'll be giving up my china cabinet
so I'll need the extra storage. 5 drawers and 2 doors on the bottom and then
the glass cabinets on top to hold our crystal and china.
To the left of the picture is
the double doors to the deck and to the right is the doorway
to the bathroom, back staircase and garage.

between the new cabinets and the dining room will be
an island that is 78 inches long and 33 inches wide. It will also
hold a small sink.
We are going with white linen maple cabinets, the island and the hutch
will be black and done in oak.
So that's where we are right now.....waiting on quotes.
And we're really hoping we can start soon but we're probably
still looking at 2 weeks out!


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Connie said...

How exciting! You are going to love it!!