Sunday, December 20, 2009

25 Days of Christmas......more snow & gifts!

this is what my street looks like

and here's what my car looks like......hmm, wonder if I'll be able to get out tomorrow to go shopping

we have some killer ice hanging from the roof

yep...that's me out on our walk

Jake and I took Chrissy out for a walk today....she's feeling so much better. Here's a tip on how to easily get the "snow balls" off of your doggies fur......before they go out, rub some hair conditioner in your hands and then rub the doggie underneath. After you come in, the snowballs will just come off real easy.

Our home....all covered in snow

this is what I bought myself for Christmas...yes, I like buying myself something....I work hard during this holiday season :)

I took this picture from the upstairs pool room....can you see them? 2 snow angels.......made by Jacquelyn and Melissa.



My name is PJ. said...

I loved the photos and the tip for getting snow balls off my 4 dogs! We've been in the dog rescuing business for 15 years and that's the first time I'd heard that tip.

Love the snow angels!!

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

I lust after a Kitchen Aide Mixer! And your is red too! If you're not used to getting a lot of snow, watch your eaves troughs don't pull away with the weight!

traci said...

oh my god. i love your mixer. i kept trying to win on on PW site, but with thousands of comments, i think my chances of winning the lottery are better. i definately think we should by ourselves a gift every year. we do lots!! enjoy your baking this week. i bet that mixer will be smokin'.

Bernie said...


We are close. We live in Silver Spring, Maryland. :o)

I love your blog it is so fun.



Connie said...

Love the snow angels, love the snow photos, love the snow on the beautiful house, love your red coat and especially love your RED kitchen aid mixer. I love's the best!! ENJOY!!!

P.S. I think it's our age...we now know what we want and can buy it for ourselves. Love it...I buy myself presents too!

LilliGirl said...

beautiful wonderful pics! I'm so gld you are embracing the holiday and all it offers. this ost made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Your home looks lovely with all the snow! Freezing cold, but lovely! :-)

Anonymous said...

Your home looks lovely with all the snow! Freezing cold, but lovely! :-)