Monday, December 14, 2009

25 Days of Christmas....Part 3

looking into our den from the foyer

this is looking into the den from the kitchen

I always prop that Christmas pic up in the window. It's from my husband's mom and it's done by an artist in New Orleans.

here's the tree again..with the sun shining in on it

mantle...but I really should have taken this at night. I have lights under all of that greenery

bookshelves on each side of the fireplace...that I seriously need to consider something new for them. maybe painted white??

more shelves..

and more...

this is how I am displaying my cards this year

I love garland on top of the curtains!

just showing how cluttered my counters stay during Christmas..

candy canes hanging out in the ice bucket

I believe! wall in kitchen...

so here's our den and kitchen. They just don't look as pretty as they do at night, in person with all of the lights on. Tomorrow...bedroom and pool room.



rebecca @ older and wisor said...

LOVE all that greenery - I bet it's beautiful at night too!

traci said...

you have so many beautiful little christmas treasures. and you have tons of presents wrapped already. i just bought my wrapping paper yesterday, maybe i'll get some wrapped today.

Amber said...


I love all your little Christmas things scattered around. Precious.

Bernie said...

I love your decorations. I grew up in VA.

Merry Christmas!



Connie said...

Love the tour and love the house! You are amazing. It all looks so pretty! I love it!

Have a very Merry Christmas!