Monday, December 31, 2007

My last post.......

for 2007!
2007 was a good year......Johnny and I feel very fortunate to be able to take trips to the beach often, traveled to Texas to spend time with sister Shay and family. Feel so lucky and grateful for our children......watching Maddox overcome his obstacles, watching his health improve..and always rooting the little fellow on. My mom's health improving, my sister falling in next year! My nephew coming to stay with us...watching him grow and discover God's love. Discovering what a blog is....haha and going out on a limb and starting my own. Everyone working and's been a good year. And I hope 2008 will be just as good.

I don't really like making New Years resolutions but I will set some goals for myself. Is that different.....just sounds more attainable to me!

1. First off....Damnit......I WILL lose that "no smoking" weight. I know it won't be that easy but really, I have that new pink bike so how hard can it be!

2. Find more time for scrapbooking

3. Learn how to take awesome pics with my new camera

4. Learn to quilt

5. Spend more time with mom and dad

note the time on this oh man am I getting old. It's 10:30 on New Years eve....I'm in my pj's on the computer, Johnny is snoring on the sofa but yet, I'm very happy with this evening. We took all of the kids out to dinner earlier and now we're home keeping Maddox so Nicole could go out. Jacquelyn and Bucky went back to King William and Jake and Kayla are at Kayla's house.
life is good......

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Kimba Rimba said...

Happy New Year's, I for one am very happy you started this blog!!!