Sunday, December 30, 2007

Santa came by......

and brought me something black and something pink!
I have a lot to learn with my new camera and I may end up taking a class. But my bike......well, it's true what "they" never forget. Now if it will just stop raining so I can ride it!
we had lots of fun during this Christmas holiday. Christmas eve was busy around the house getting food ready, going to church and then coming home for dinner. Then we all sat around and watched a Christmas Story. And Jake, who may be 19 yrs old, wanted to know how early he could get us up..I just love that! We told him not before 6:00 am. Well, he woke us at 6:30 and told us he couldn't wait any longer!
We just had so much fun opening gifts and having our nephew Tommy with us for Christmas morning made it even more special. We did not wake Maddox that early....we just waited for him to wake on his own, which was around 8:30. And being only 2 yrs old, it took him awhile to open his gifts.

The rest of the week was spent doing a little shopping! Gift cards ARE fun.
Jake went snowboarding with his new board but it started raining so he only did 3 trips down. The black diamonds weren't open yet so he boarded the intermediate. He's hoping to go back tomorrow. They were supposed to get snow tonight up there.

NOT very happy about how the Cowboys looked much as I love them, I am realistic! They are not going to do that well in the playoffs playing like that!
well, it's getting late......I'll post some Christmas pics tomorow.


traci said...

wow those are two great gifts. have fun with the camera - you will love it.

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

OMG! I think we have the same camera! My husband bought me mine a few months ago (I think it's the Nikon 80 or something like that). Anyway, it's an awesome camera, but I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO USE IT! I all but begged him to sign me up for a class as a Christmas gift. Guess he didn't catch that hint. lol My neighbor gave me a few photography books, though. I just need to make myself OPEN them. Unfortunately, I'm a much better learner if I'm shown something, than if I READ it, you know what I mean? Well...if you figure out your camera, how about leaving me some tips every now and then so I can try them out. lol