Monday, January 25, 2016

Making cookies with Declan .....

about a week before Christmas Declan, Jacquelyn and I 
made sugar cookies

This is the first time that he has really helped make them 
before he just decorated
but he has always been afraid of my Kitchen Aid mixer
it's just too loud for him

so when ready to use it, I told him that I really
needed his help and he came running in to the kitchen
ready to help grandma out

here's Declan rolling out the dough
notice the missing handles on my marble rolling pin
I dropped it on the floor and the wooden handle just split open

I have a basket full of cookie cutters and he wanted to 
use just about every one of them

I held him up so he could transfer them after baking
to the cooling racks

I had read that putting the icing in those condiment squeeze bottles 
would make it easier for little ones

here's a tray of some of the cookies we made
Jacquelyn did most of the decorating

sure did have fun with him!

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