Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Beer ...

I love to drink ice cold beer
especially on a hot summer day

but lately I have switched over to drinking more wine
and due to the sugar and calories attached to alcohol
I try to limit drinking these to the weekends
unless of course it's the holidays or vacation :)

Our son Jake really enjoys the craft beers and he
has introduced us to a lot of different ones
over the years. 
when we were in Charlottesville at one of the breweries
he ordered me a sour beer....lemon
and it was delicious
now he has introduced us to this beer
and really now my favorite beer

it's a blood orange beer so it really has a 
sour bite to it! Great sipping beer
and especially in my new Yeti cup that
my sister-in-law and brother-in-law gave
to me for Christmas!
that cup is awesome.

Jake told me these beers are seasonal and the season
for this one ends about April so I think I need
to be buying some up before it runs out


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