Sunday, October 18, 2015

Oct 18th .....

here's just a few random things.....

I'm a big ole fan of the Walking Dead
and follow the show on Instagram
this picture popped up one day on there and omg....the
guy on the left looks just like our son Jake.
I sent him the picture and asked when did you start
hanging out with Rick? hahaha....

Jacquelyn took this picture at my house of
Declan and Avery Grace
it is one of my favorite pictures
Avery adores Declan and I think this picture
really shows "love".....

I love drinking some wine but I'm not a wine connoisseur 
nope, I just like what I like
and my favorite wine is a sparkling moscato 
but the problem is I open a bottle, have one or two glasses 
and by the next day, the "sparkle" is gone out of wine
I've tried a lot of different bottle stoppers but it just loses it's fizz
Then Johnny found these......cute little bottles that equals
one glass of wine. And it's a delicious, slightly sweet
sparkling wine.....perfect! 

look how big little John is getting!!
the boys were over for a visit and Gabe was helping
out and making sure John ate enough of his veggies!


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