Friday, January 16, 2015

More Christmas pictures ....

Now the fun begins with our tradition
of the Pendleton Crazy Gift Exchange

I think we did finally decide for next year to have
gifts marked as male, female or gender neutral
Jake below listening to the "rules" of play

my family is currently very much in to the plaid 

here's a good example of marking the gifts male and female
Johnny got some "spa" socks....haha
lucky for him, someone stole them 

Even though our sweet Daddy told us please do not buy him anything for Christmas, we still did. We made him a photo book with all of his grandchildren and great grandchildren. And then we had a big box that we put different gifts in....we had his favorite, Hershey kisses, new socks, new sweat pants, lots of new books to read and really, I don't remember what else
he loved it! 

ok, that's more pictures from Christmas
One of my goals for 2015 is to take more pictures and
to blog more. This blog for me is our family not only chronicles our life, but it preserves our memories as I have printed some years
in books. I need to get caught up as I think I'm starting
my eighth year of blogging. And also, this blog has settled a few
bets over the years....haha


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Mallory said...

Going off how you said your blog has settled a few bets......I love blogging about all kinds of things, because if I randomly remember it later on down the road, but can't remember a small detail, I think, "oh, I've blogged that! I can find the answer!" haha