Monday, April 30, 2012

The Blacksplash ...

The backsplash for the new kitchen was the hardest
thing to pick out
There are so many pretty colors, different patterns, different
materials....ceramic, stone, glass...the choices are endless

And I was just so confused on how to work with the
with the granite and it being so busy.

But I researched a lot on the internet, read a lot of designer
blogs and then consulted with the tile people.
And what I learned was that you can only have one "star" of
the can be the counter or the backsplash
but not both. And the granite was def the star of our
kitchen so I knew I had to be more subtle in the backsplash. I had
been thinking white all along but then my sister Kandi mentioned doing it in black to break up the white from the upper and lower cabinets.
And I def did not want the subway tile. I love it but it's everywhere you go and I was afraid over time I would grow tired of it. So I went with the basic 4 inch ceramic tile in black but turned it so we had the diamond pattern and then added the one inch tile with a pattern in the brushed nickel like the hardware on the cabinets. I think it turned out beautiful. I say it is the jewelry of the kitchen!!

so here ya go........BEFORE.......

and AFTER.......

the only thing left now is the new furniture and it
should be in this week!!



Connie said...

That looks beautiful! You made a good choice! It's so hard to choose sometimes.

Love your curtains too!

Mallory said...

The black looks so nice!! Love it.