Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yard sale ...

I have said this before.........I hate yard sales!
they are just so much work for so little dollars

but yet again, I agreed to have one
We have been doing some major cleaning out.....every drawer and closet
in our house
we even cleaned out some of the attic!

and we priced it all, boxed it up, hauled it downstairs
got up at the butt crack of dawn
unpacked the boxes and set everything out
and then just sat outside and waited.......

waited and waited for people to come by and buy our junk
and some did, some just looked and some bought
but in the end, it still wasn't worth all of the work

I'm not doing any more yard sales
that's more
But on the up side, I have de-cluttered my house beyond belief
and it feels so good!!

Bella Boo and Pippa Lou just had fun playing in
the back yard

later .....

1 comment:

Abby P said...

is that a chair from vickie's salon?! coolest chairs ever!