Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Old news ....

I have been going through and editing tons of
pictures from the summer.
A lot that I never blogged and I def need to include this in summer of 2011
because this blog is my family journal
so our summer fun is part of our life that I don't want to forget
or for my kids to forget!

so here goes.......

As most know, we had family come in from Texas and Georgia for our
daughters wedding. And we just had so much fun spending time together and most of our time was spent just hanging out on the deck
as we were having such great weather.

these pics were taken about 5 days before the wedding.
Unfortunatly, the bride and groom still had so much to do
that they weren't around for some of the fun!

Below is my beautiful sister in law from Texas, Shay!
man oh man I sure do miss our family!!

and here's Gabe, making funny faces for us!

and the kids had fun playing in the water ....
my beautiful Chrissy girl ...


flowers that we were taking down to the wedding.....
we cooked on the grill most nights........just too many people to try and get
in to a restaurant. And we lounged around a lot....we just really
enjoyed being together.

Shay ran a lot of wedding errands with me so it was nice to have someone along. Plus it meant I got Shay all to myself! haha....
Shay and her husband Bobby, our niece Terri and her husband Jeremy, their 2 girls Trinity and Allie and her father in law Tim all stayed at our house. So there was always someone around to have coffee with, or drink a glass of wine on the deck! I just love having a house full of family!

My other sister in law Dee and her partner Jane stayed with our dear family
friend Libby as we didn't have any more bedrooms.
But they came over every morning and stayed until late in the evening.
One day after running errands, Shay, Dee, Jane, Libby and I
went to the movies to see Bridesmaids....how appropriate!

Tonya, one of the bridesmaids and sister of the groom and her boyfriend
Nick came by on Wed before the wedding with their pick up truck.
Lucky for us that they offered to haul down all of the wedding
stuff to the beach. Because we had 14 large crates to get down to the beach.

So fortunate and blessed to have our family and so lucky
that so many of them made the trip for the wedding.

I just miss them so much


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