Thursday, March 23, 2017

More Ft Lauderdale ....

we just had so much fun down there
the weather was perfect
I love how the bars are open to the outside, very cool

Tommy and Joanne
I think this was our first night there

this was Friday night at the block party
so much fun and we all had to kiss the monkey!

Johnny was just acting like a monkey...haha

very different beach than the Outer Banks
soft sand and no waves

hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil
Johnny, Chris and Tommy
this was the day we went bar hopping
my pictures are all out of order....haha

Chris and his sister Mary Anne

more yachts!!!

really can't believe I let this parrot sit on my shoulder
I was so afraid he would poop down my back...haha

and then he wanted my glasses

so weird that they throw all of their beer boxes outside like that

from left, Joanne, Mary Anne, me and Kim
and 2 random girls in the back we did not know...haha

Kim and Joanne....this was the evening we were bar hopping

On Valentines day our husbands went to the store for
a few things and brought us back balloons....awww

Joanne kissing the monkey!

I think that's about it
we loved Ft Lauderdale and just had a blast with everyone


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