Saturday, March 18, 2017

Home ....

Usually I go on vacation and I just love it but
love coming home more
I don't always feel like that when I leave the beach
I would like to come home, get my dogs and go back!

Only Monday we sadly packed up to head home and
I made a huge mistake and picked up a
suitcase and messed up my back really bad
went to the Food Lion on our way out to pick up
some Bass's local and it's really good
brought some home to freeze
gassed up the car, got breakfast sandwiches and headed home

Khaleesi welcomed us home with this....
she so loves when someone forgets to close the bathroom
door and she can get the toilet paper!!

Then I had to clean up all of my shells
I found only 2 pieces of sea glass
one teeny tiny white one
and a nice green one
some oyster shells that I add to my basket of shells
and some purple ones, my favorite to collect

and I would like to say life is back to normal but no, I have
my back to deal with. I couldn't hardly move on Tuesday morning
without tears so Johnny had to come home from work
and take me to the doctors. She confirmed it was the disk in
my lower back, the lumbar disk. Gave me steroids and pain meds.
rest is about all you can do with this
so thankful that I am able to work from home


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