Sunday, March 19, 2017

Norwex ....

I had never heard of Norwex and a friend
at work told me about it

I can't really even explain this product
or how it works but I can say this

I cleaned my entire house in record time
with a wet cloth, a shining cloth and a dusting mitt
I used only water, no cleaning products
and I truly felt like my house was the cleanest it had ever been

and really, I just don't even know how to explain that
except I think over time you just push dirt and dust around

Because I used to dust and 2 days later would see dust again
now I dust with the Norwex dusting mitt and see no dust
at all until like 7 or 8 days later
and even then, it's only a little bit

I cleaned my fridge and was shocked at the steel cleaner
build up. It did take a lot of work to clean that off
but now it looks great.

then I got the floor cleaner, dry pad and wet pad
and wow, with just water, my wood floors look awesome

and the kitchen towel...the best ever.
pick up a totally wet dish, one swipe with the
towel and it's totally dry....

again, I just don't know how they really work but
I do love them and I am 100% happy with them
below are the cloths I used to clean my entire house
look how dirty....

I have thrown out all of my cleaning products
I kept a small container of Bono for when the puppy has an accident
and a bottle of TarnX for cleaning for silver
otherwise, just my 3 cleaning cloths
I have now added to my collection the bathtub scrubber, 
the pet towel, the car mitt and the body cloth

oh boy....looks at all of my free stuff
for hosting an online party!!


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