Sunday, September 25, 2016

Beach day 9 ...

Our last day at the beach
it always makes me so sad
I'm not just the kind of person who loves going to the
beach on vacation. I can go on
vacation anywhere else and I'm good with going
home....I'm ready after a week
but the beach is just so much more to's like
my heart is there, my soul. I feel so happy and 
at peace
when I am there.
I just hate leaving

a few random pictures....

we checked on renting the house below in March when
we plan on going for the St Patricks festivities
but the owners are not renting in March. But it sure 
would be cool to stay in that house....having the water actually
coming under the house. You know you would feel that
house swaying in the ocean breezes

bye bye beach....


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